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Conduct and Mission


We at Apostle Sports would like to welcome you.  This sports ministry was developed to minister to children and their families.  It is our intention to teach you and your Children about our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ.  As adults our best testimony to these children in by example and our behavior as coaches, parents, grandparents, and friends Although sports are competitive, we stress that we are Brothers and Sisters in Christ first and competitors second.  We understand It is easy to get excited during the game and to disagree with referee calls, coaching staff, or to revel or gloat in hard fought game, etc. however, our conduct should reflect our commitment to righteousness and the best interest for all the children playing.. Any negative behavior, yelling, or gloating, will not be tolerated.  We have a zero tolerance policy for un-Godly conduct.  When visiting other facilities, it will be at the sole discretion of the coach whether or not to remove his team from a game in which the conduct is not conducive to the growth of the children.  We will not trade a winning score for tolerance of poor conduct.




Uniforms will be provided by Apostle Sports and are property of the Ministry.  Each parent is required to sign out his/her child’s uniform.  Please do not allow your child to wear his/her uniform other than while playing in the games.  We appreciate your consideration, as the uniforms will be redistributed again for following sports seasons.  Please follow laundry instructions while washing the uniform.  Uniforms are to be returned at the end of the season.  If you do not return your child’s uniform, and choose to return to play another season you will be asked to provide a uniform for your child.  Should an unfortunate event happen and the uniform is harmed please contact us as soon as possible to address the situation. 





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